Bamboo Blinds

Weave the beauty of nature into your home with custom-made Bamboo Blinds that combine the traditional, classic look of a woven wood shade with styles and patterns designed to impress today’s fashion-conscious buyers. Our exciting natural woods and yarns are woven together to achieve a natural handcrafted shade. Choose from open weaves that gently filter the light or tight weaves for maximum privacy. Bring a little bit of the outdoors into your home!


Key features

  • Aesthetic weaving of wood, bamboo, rattan, and touch of jute with natural grasses and reeds.
  • Many stylish patterns and textures with various light opacities are sure to blend with any décor.
  • Edge Banding – Optional decorative trims complete the look. Available on some patterns.
  • The optional woven cord drive system offers one continuous cord which raises and lowers the blind.
  • The swivel multi-cord drive system offers one continuous cord which raises and lowers the blind.
  • A 6” built-in valance for added elegance.
  • L-shaped installation brackets with wing nuts for a very secure mount.


Care & maintenance

  • Raising and lowering the shades periodically helps reduce most natural dust accumulation. If additional cleaning is required, shades can be lightly brushed or carefully cleaned with a soft vacuum brush attachment.

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